Hi, I’m Prue.

I’m so happy you have found I shaved my legs for THIS?! A newsletter/scientific experiment where I rate every day I shave my legs to find out if that effort was worth it. This newsletter divides the day into five categories - the shave, the content, the food, the social stuff and the misc. Definitely worth subscribing if you are into even just two of those things, imo. But if you want more reasons to subscribe here are some other goodies:

  • You can totally get away with reading this newsletter at work. It will make you look busy and productive and probably give you a fun fact to drop to spice up the small talk.

  • The result will probably be a clear - “not worth it” on shaving your legs, so if you are looking for any validation in that regard definitely worth subscribing as we build up the data sample.

  • Even if you don’t find my writing funny (impossible?) there are links to other interesting things happening around the internet.

  • You will probably learn enough about my life that you could steal my identity and eventually run this newsletter (among my few other achievements) yourself.

  • I don’t shave my legs that often (maybe fortnightly), so you could just sign up and just see if you are in the mood for a read on the day? If not, delete that goofy newsletter unopened, no probs at all.

  • Some of the observations will just be damn funny, and isn’t that all that matters anymore?